Derma Sleeves thin skin arm protection Welcome to Bruise Guards the official Dermasleeves brand bruise guard reseller. Do you hate to leave your house without a long sleeve top or shirt on? Have you given up doing the things you love like playing with your pets or tending your flower garden because of the nasty bruises that you get or the scratches that take forever to heal? Maybe you have a medical condition like diabetes or cellulitis and are at a higher risk from infections or need arm protectors for thin skin. If this describes you then we have the solution to your problem. Dermasleeves bruise guards can stop those scratches and bruises from ever happening. Our product is not " a sock that you wear on your arm ". Dermasleeves bruise guards are a comfortable, breathable, padded arm guard that you will not even know your wearing. Most people see a huge improvement in the condition of their arms in as little as ten days of regular use.
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diabetic bruise guards, easy bruisingDermasleeves are simply the best bruise protection for your arms / arm protectors for thin skin on the market today. Other products that are being sold as bruise protection are either just a sock with the toe cut out or are made from stiff hot materials like leather or neoprene. These are better suited to use in a industrial environment than everyday use around the home. Dermasleeves bruise guards are manufactured from the latest high tech fabrics that are flexible, breathable and light weight. They do not stand out since they are neutral in color. We have designed our product with comfort in mind. The core of our product is a tube of a soft stretchy spandex material and this is covered with a layer of our special padding to protect the most commonly bruised areas of your arms. The hand end has a thumb loop to prevent the sleeve from sliding up your arm and the top is held in place with a Velcro fastener so you do not have to constantly  pulling the bruise guard back into place. Not only do you get all these features when you purchase our product but you get a pair of bruise guards for one low price and Shipping is included.


    Conditions that cause easy bruising and tearing of the skin

There are many people living with medical conditions such as diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, cellulitis, that have to take blood thinners or have thin skin from steroid use or too much exposure to the sun. One of the problems that is common among people with these conditions is easy bruising and tearing of the skin. If you have any of these conditions especially diabetes you are at a much higher risk of picking up a serious infection from even the smallest scratch. Your arms are the most common place to bruise or scratch yourself while doing everyday task. What can I do to protect my arms, reduce these unsightly bruises and dangerous cuts you might ask? Well can help you. Whether you have a medical condition or just want to protect you arms while you work (one satisfied customer uses our product when in her garden picking berries) Dermasleeves bruise guards will protect you from scratches, cuts and all but the hardest bruise causing impacts.
 Why is easy bruising so common in older adults? Some people especially women are more prone to bruising than are others. As you get older, several factors can contribute to easy bruising, including:

  Aging capillaries: Over time, the tissues supporting these vessels weaken, and capillary walls become more fragile and prone to rupture.
  Thinning skin: With age, your skin becomes thinner and loses some of the protective fatty layer that helps cushion your blood vessels from injury. Excessive exposure to the sun accelerates this process.
  Blood-thinning drugs: such as aspirin and Warfarin (Coumadin) or medications such as Plavix reduce your blood's ability to clot. The result of this is bleeding from capillary damage might take longer than usual to subside this allows enough blood to leak out and can cause a bruise.

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Benefits Of Wearing Dermasleeves:

  •   Completely Protects your arms from bruising!
  •   Stops Cuts and scratches in their tracks!
  •   Reduces the risk of infections for diabetics and the elderly!
  •   Soft and breathable, you can wear them all summer long and enjoy the outdoors.
  •   They are thin enough to wear under long sleeve shirts on those cooler days.

 Our Bruise Guards Features:

  • Made from synthetic material that breathes and will not absorb sweat.
  • Thumb loop and Velcro fastener to keep the bruise guards in place.
  • Multiple sizes and a stretchy base material ensures a great fit.
  • Flexible padding covers all high risk areas.
  • Fast free shipping and satisfaction is guaranteed.


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Thin skin arm protectors

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Less worries & more time for yourself!

When you bruise and cut easily it can make everyday task like reaching into a cabinet or changing you air conditioning filter a real chore. You find you have to watch every move that you make to avoid the slightest bump or tiniest sharp edge. The good news is that when you are wearing our Dermasleeves bruise guards, arm protectors for thin skin, you can go about your life with the knowledge that your arms are safe from harm. Even if you don't bruise easily you can still benefit from our bruise guards. You can use them to protect those expensive tattoos when working. We have customers that wear them picking black berries and working in their gardens to prevent scratches and cuts. Another customer raises dogs and wears our bruise guards when training them to avoid being scratched by their claws. Try our bruise guards arm protectors today and stop worrying about protecting your arms.

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John is in his garden again thanks to our bruise guards.

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 Doctors love DermaSleeves arm protectors for thin skin because wearing them means less risk of infection for their patients that are diabetic, have cellulitis or are on blood thinners.

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What others are saying about our products

John from New Mexico says " A few years back I was diagnosed with diabetes. Every time I tried to work in my yard trimming the shrubs and what not, I would get what seem to be tiny cuts and scratches but they would still be there days later and sometimes get worse. I had just about given up on my yard until I tried your bruise guards. Now I can do what I enjoy and keep my yard looking it's best without watching my every move"

Alice J. from South Carolina says " As I have grown older my skin has become very thin. My doctor says that it is because of the amount of time I spent in the sun when I was younger. In the past every time I played with my cats or did my house work I would get really bad scratches that would bleed a lot. The worst accident happened when I was dusting the coffee table. I peeled a big piece of skin from my arm. Since I started wearing your bruise guards my arms look healthy again and I can even wear a short sleeve top in the summer. Thanks for a great product "
More information about the medical conditions that can lead to easy bruising and skin tears can be found below.


Blood Thinners


Thin Skin


Derma sleeves thin skin arm protection

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Psoriasis scratch protection, skin tear prevention, thin skin protectionJoin the thousands of satisfied customers that wear our bruise guards today and take back your life!

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Only $32.00 A Pair!
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